Jello Talk with Stephen Sakur

Steve fronts the BBC show HARDTALK…like all such “news” programmes from the BBC it has the illusion of talking tough on various subjects…but of course it does nothing of the sort.

For example the truth regarding the deranged crypto Jew Jimmy Saville was WIDELY KNOWN…he is now even suspected of murdering children.

Where was “Hardtalk”  when Saville was abusing children…The answer to that is NOWHERE.The excuse that the Jewish hierarchy did not know what was going on..WON’T WASH….

So this Hardtalk is just pure nonsense.If any guest was stupid enough to question the invasion of Europe by the third world…you can bet Sakur would go into full attack mode.

Stephen Sakur IS A JEW…more accurately,a crypto Jew,since his ethnicity is never mentioned.Sakur would prefer viewers to think he is an Anglo Saxon……just like Pilger and Fisk.

These crypto Jews are actually WORSE than Mr Shifty of the BHS scandal…There is no chance Mr Shifty could dupe the British Public…because he has an extremely high grease coefficient.

Keep in mind another crypto Jew Jeremy Paxman…who used to say he wasn’t a tribe member….today he does not bother…because it is all too obvious.

Sakur would dupe the average crypto spotter because of his low-grease appearance…however his surname and job in the media gives the game away.

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