Shania has just been featured on the disinformation site…The Truthseeker.”Surprisingly”…this anti conspiracy site features a lot of Jews telling the “goyim” about Jews.For example the Canadian Jew Hank McKow or how about the certifiable lunatic Led Visible….or the crank who lives in Florida,or the Jewess with the ridiculous name Lasha Darkloon…there is a right old selection of them…all purporting to be critical of Jews….in between the cracks you’ll find disinformation…Thus up pop’s the Russian Jew who lives in Israel….Israhell Shamir.

In Shamirs article you’ll find a promo for TRUMP another Jew,only most people don’t know it…and that’s what this fucking Jew in Israel counts on..

The evidence that Trump IS a Jew is there if you look for it.His offspring are married to Jews!….he surrounds himself with Jews…Trump is a Jew make absolutely no mistake about that one.

But Shamir casts Trump as someone standing up to the bankers,Wall Street,the media….a good guy who has been unjustly smeared.

ITS TOTAL BOLLOCKS OF COURSE..Trump is just like all the Jews in NY…a fucking crime waiting to happen.He is corrupt to the core..just like the Jewess Hillary Clinton…whose daughter is married to a Jew…which should not surprise anyone familiar with crypto Jews.

So Shamir has blown his cover with this preposterous picture of the saintly TRUMP…..

At the last elections in France and Britain BOTH THE CANDIDATES FROM EACH PARTY WERE JEWS.The American election is no different…

The best way to control your opposition is to run it.

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