Lunatic caffolic priest misuses Richter scale.

Morons like this priest in Italy who reckons there is a direct connection between earthquakes and fudgepackers are just what the doctor ordered for the New World Order agenda….although this superstitious lunatic wouldn’t know it.

The fucking cretin comes from the same mould as the idol worshipers.

Incident in Malta.

While using antiquated public buses in Malta I came across TOTALLY WEIRD behaviour.At about a quarter way back to the fleapit sub two stars hotel I was staying at….all of a sudden,virtually the whole bus started mumbling stuff…and it happened at the same point on two different bus trips.At first I thought the bus was being targeted by some sort of Zionist “confusion inducing weapon”…causing temporary insanity amongst the passengers…only subsequently did I realise that the FUCKING MORONS on the bus were muttering weird incantations to some sort of shrine at the side of the road!.At which point I contemplated standing up in the bus and announcing..”it is an inanimate object it cannot possibly influence ANYTHING…get fucking REAL”.

One thing you learn when travelling around is…don’t mention anything connected to religious beliefs…because people can react in a totally unpredictable manner….rational behaviour is kicked into touch,and you could end up being torn to shreds.I therefore kept my trap shut and decided not to help the mumblers on the bus..but rather ,endured their superstitious nonsense for around a couple of minutes.

The passengers were probably caffolic like this idiot in Italy.

Incidently while in Malta I came across ANOTHER example of superstition!.This was a smaller version of those Egyptian pillars you find in capital cities in Western countries (some).Like Washingstein,London and Paris…this garbage is all to do with Freemasonry.Malta is one weird place…which no sensible tourist would bother with…

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