Media monopoly merger in NZ May be stopped

You only have to look at the situation in the U.S. to see the disastrous consequences of media monopolies.Essentially the U.S. no longer has a functioning “fourth estate”…what you have is a bunch of Jewish owned media companies all singing from the same song sheet…so there is no genuine investigative journalism any longer…all you have is a pretence of a free press.A corporate version of the state run Pravda in the former USSR.

Let’s face it,if there WAS a real free press the official version of 9/11 would have been blown out of the water….

So currently the monopolies commission in NZ is saying the the amalgamation of two Jewish owned media companies will not be allowed to go ahead.

HOWEVER…don’t be too sure about that..since this stuff may only be preliminary maneuvering….for PR purposes..for public consumption in other words.The cunts may very well authorise the monopoly but with “strict conditions”….The strict conditions being a load of BULLSHIT in order to get around the laws governing monopolies.

Keep in mind the cunts who own these big media companies are good mates with the likes of the Jewish financier KEY.

Keep in mind that today MPs in Western countries exist to rubber stamp policies set by big corporations…The cunts no longer represent the people who voted them into office.This fact is graphically demonstrated in connection to third world immigration.There is DEFINITELY a conspiracy to mislead the public ,between the government and the media.

For example..there is a housing crisis in Auckland caused by the deluge of the third world landing in Auckland.The Jewish run media treats this HUGE problem as a mysterious event which inexplicably…just happened.Very little if any mention is made about THE CAUSE OF IT….The Jewish controlled government flooding the country to fulfill a hidden agenda…AGAINST THE WISHES OF THE VAST MAJORITY OF NZers.

If you object…The media then raises the spectre of “white racism”…trouble is it is not only “white” NZers who object!’

If the government allows this monopoly to go ahead…Kiwis could have a bit of fun by king hitting MPs….keep in mind the non free free press would not report that NZ MPs are dropping like flies across the country.To get access to NZs Zio Prime Minster KEY…you’d have no knock over his Praetorian Guard of police misfits and thugs…first…then you could plant one on the greaser.

At the next meeting of top Freemasons in NZ…they’ll probably be discussing their chances of getting away with this proposed media monpoly….in an ideal world some canisters of teargas would flush them out of their Masonic Satanists coven.

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