Celebrities queue up to vote

Including Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban.

They are BOTH crypto Jews.You don’t hit the big time in show biz UNLESS you are a Jew.(with the proviso that some minorities get through via promotion by Jewish talent agencies….but this is done for political strategy reasons…certainly NO ethnic Europeans or “whites” get through the barriers erected by the Jews…)

Kidman hit the headlines some years ago at an Italian film festival where she was booed by the audience for promoting incest.

Incidently there was a Pope a couple (or more) centuries back by the name of Urban…which could indicate he was actually a Marrano….like the current one.

Keep in mind the monster Packer who has been in the news recently…who has purportedly been in a relationship with Mariah Caries….Packer is an Australian Jew…billionaire.However this relationship may be completely false,done for publicity reasons.

Cumberpatch…The British Jewish luvvie is getting involved in politics again with a Trump sketch on a British Jew talk show in the U.S..Cumberpatch needs to be sprayed with extra strength Roundup® hebe-cide.

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