NZ …The whole coverage of the U.S. election is run by Jews!.

….it gets worse…The two candidates in the actual election….are also Jews!!.

In reality it doesn’t make any difference which one of the corrupt candidates wins…it really is Orwellian in nature.

Corin Dann and Jack Tame are the two “journalists” who are reporting for TV1 THEY ARE BOTH JEWS.

It’s the same situation for all Western media reporting on the farce….crypto Jew reporters …spinning on the joke supposed election.

Saul Henry who fronts tv3 breakfast has recently portrayed himself as being of gypsy origin….it’s all poppycock of course.His counterpart on tv1 news “Hillary” is also one of the chosen people.Jim the sports reporter on tv3 is another of the gang (he has had quite a few brain cells damaged via involvement in contact sports…which he can barely afford to lose)….as is Saville on tv1.Saville is a crypto Jew surname incidently…see pedophile in Britain.

Keep in mind that Global Jews Incorporated have a third world war planned in order to enable them to enlarge the state of Israel…just as the Jews use NZ armed forces to fight Israel’s wars today…they are going to want to involve NZ in their future wars.

Donald Brash who appears on Henry’s show…is ALSO a crypto Jew.

Global Jews are in the process of sucking America dry while they build up Israel…it will all end up in America imploding….Britain is definitely going down the gurgler…The coup de gras will ultimately be the deliberate brought about invasion of Britain by hordes of alien people’s….there are now towns in Britain where the native inhabitants have been forced out….opposition to this is led by ANOTHER JEW…Farage.

Etc etc…meantime if you mention this stuff you’ll have trouble coming your way….from government agencies.

And….Hillary Clinton shuffles from speech to speech…she can barely remain upright….America has been and is being RUINED.


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