“The weirdest family in the U.S”….((not the Bush family))

The BBC has had a doco about them.They are the Gray family and they live in Texas…and they are being targeted by the U.S. government.Only this time around the ZOG of the USA is leaving them alone….no doubt on instruction from high up.They can’t risk a repeat of Waco when the U.S. government killed 74 Americans…(see the Jewess Janet Reno)…’

Of course these Grays are totally naive..they allowed a Jewish film crew from the BBC to film them.

Apparently two of the people who are liked by the Grays are from the make believe world of American movies.Chuck Norris and Mel Gibson…BOTH OF WHOM ARE CRYPTO JEWS.Norris purports to be some devout Christian and Gibson some sort of weird Catholic..not a coincidence then that Gibson’s former current wives or girlfriends have been Jews….or rather crypto Jews.

You DON’T hit the big time in Hollywood UNLESS you are a Jew.

Apparently the Grays are supported by Militia members…which begs the question why haven’t  these morons helped out the Grays who live in poverty??!’.They could,for example buy them a small solar power unit and a washing machine to save the Grays hours and hours of onerous hand washing…maybe they’re too stupid to even think of it??’

Four years of Clinton may just be enough to convince Americans that revolution is the only option…in which case THEY HAD BETTER MAKE DAMN SURE THEY FOCUS THEIR ATTENTION ON THE ONE PERCENT…otherwise they’ll attempt to plunge America into a race war….while the one percent sits on the sideline watching events unfold.

No American should have anything to do with the media…even if they are from a country like Britain…The Wests media is run by the Jews…

Obviously it is the Grays children who are the victims here…but as the American Jewish controlled government has demonstrated right around the world…The U.S. government couldn’t give a damn about that.From Vietnam to the Middle East the ZOG of America has killed hundreds of THOUSANDS of children…The Jewish controlled U.S. government WAS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR KILLING MANY CHILDREN AT WACO….American children….AND THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT…in these circumstances people like the Grays in America…make more sense.



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