Another ‘olocau$t memorial forced on another hapless country.

Look,put it like this…In the past when one country conquered another the victors put up all sorts of monuments…for example in China.After the British had successfully stupified half of China with drugs…they started building churches…thus imposing Christianity on China whether the Chinese wanted it or not.

Now all Czech Jews were SUPPOSED to have been killed by the Nazis in WW2…actually today there is a thriving colony of Jews living in the Czech Republic…most of whom will be crypto Jews….

Czechs don’t want any more of these memorials built…they are simply not interested.

(Note: When the Czech origin Jewess Madeline Albright was asked about all the Iraq people who had been killed during the illegal invasion…she famously stated “it was worth it”..Albright used to masquerade as a Catholic until her cover was blown in the U.S…however the poisonous dwarf is obviously a Jew…from her appearance alone.)

So a “memorial” is being made out of an old factory….well actually it is not really a memorial,it’s more propaganda.

Given Albrights famous words,make that infamous….you can determine a lot about Jews…

One day some gutless politician is going to tell them fuck off and don’t come back until” you stop stealing Palestinian land,blowing up their houses and persecuting them”‘…trouble is the Jews OWN the world’s most powerful country…which explains why BOTH the candidates for the U.S. presidency….are…..wait for it….JEWS!’

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