Justice Goddard…a smear too far.

If only the corrupt British oligarchy had kept their smears within the bounds of credibility they might have got the public believing the stuff.

But when the cunts suggested she was a racist…THEN you KNEW they were making it all up…for OTHER reasons.

The “other reasons” being covering up widespread pedophilia at the top level.

Goddard ought to be very careful about returning to Britain…she might get the David Kelly treatment.

Put it this way…if the British secret police,MI5 were prepared to use children’s lives in pursuit of unspoken agendas …then they are capable of anything…including “removing” problem people…

Britain is beset by many problems…particularly an elite which totally disregards public opinion on crucial issues….for example the “licenced” invasion of hordes of alien people….

As a result things will get increasingly nasty as more and more ordinary people get pissed off about it.Which probably means all of the stuff you find in an “open” police state….

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