Kwame Appiah..”there’s no such thing as Western civilisation”

The Jewish owned and edited Guardian absolutely loves tossers like Kwame.He is half Ghanaian and half English…just the perfect combo…for the Jews who are destroying Britain from within.

The Guardian CONSTANTLY gives a platform to politically correct nonentities like Kwame.

They always get a free ride from criticism from the Jewish owned media too….Just like Obama has for the last eight years.Obama is probably THE worst president in the last 100 years…but he has,been given a free ride by the Jews…they did after all put him into office in the first place.

It is time the Jew wankers at the Guardian were told to write articles like…”The Jewish religion is essentially a cult”…..

You get constant attacks on Christianity in the Guardian…but it is done in a veiled way.You get constant attacks on European identity and anyone who objects is a white racist….

Is it not about time Jews were told..either allow criticism across the board INCLUDING THE RACIST STATE OF ISRAEL…or shut the fuck up.

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