REAGAN…The former “great U.S. president”

John Key the NZ PM referred to Reagan being a great president…

He is not the only one to say this…

So maybe the idea is to con the public into thinking this nonsense.

Americans should note a very important fact about Reagan…he was a former Hollywood actor.Although Reagan portrayed himself as some sort of Christian…this was typical nonsense…The borderline imbecile George Bush pulled this stunt too.After a lifetime of whoring and boozing he suddenly had a Damascene conversion,which NOT coincidently coincided with his intention to run for president.

Reagan was not a great president at all,he was a ponderous twat..whose brain was well on the way to being fried with Alzheimer’s before he left office

Reagan was a crypto Jew along with his wife Nancy.

There is an easy formulae for recognising great American presidents…they get assassinated by the deep state in the U.S…..Jews and freemasons…The same gang who put up that Egyptian obelisque in the swamp,the same gang who put the masonic/satanic crap on the U.S. one dollar note.

Unfortunately you’ll only know if Trump is on the level IF the deep state assassinated him….a risky exercise as it could result in Americans entering the FED and Wall Street with guns blazing…and Americans have got plenty of those….

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