Trump begins to form his cabinet

Guess what….all,that’s right,ALL OF THEM appear to be crypto Jews…including the Jewish MORON Sarah Palin.

“The more things change,the more they stay the same”.

On this basis Iran,which is in the cross hairs of Global International Jewry…should put their country on a war footing….because,down the line “trumped up” reasons are going to be found to target that country…perhaps a false flag the equal of 9/11.

The Jews need to knock out Iran to have final control over the region.Perhaps a cooked up war with Saudi Arabia…which many people have suggested,is ruled by CRYPTO JEWS.

Keep in mind that Iran is nothing like countries in this area.Iranians are not Arabs….they are a country with a strong culture going back thousands of years…they are not Sunni Muslims either.

You can read blogs of independent travellers who have been to Iran and found Iranians to be a very hospitable and welcoming people….nothing like the propaganda in the Jewish controlled western media.Contrast this with commentary on Egyptians and Moroccans…some of the biggest assoles around (a generalisation but nonetheless true.)

The British flim flam man Nigel Farage is planning to visit Trump…to see if he can get a job.

Let’s be perfectly clear about one thing..FARAGE IS A CRYPTO JEW.

So what is actually going on here…a sort of a realignment is taking place…it seems the crypto Jews who control Britain are jostling around…moving Britain away from Europe and toward the USA.So although the brexit vote is portrayed as a movement for freedom etc…more likely this was planned by the oligarchy.

Anyone who thinks the Dutch Royals visit to NZ was about trade…needs to get real….NOTE..The recent incident with a Dutch submarine tailing Russian warships.

Of course the crypto Jew MERKEL is destroying Germany via immigration.

WARNING…Global Jewry will attempt to use Australian and New Zealand resources to fight their long planned WW3.REMEMBER…There is a Jew prime minister at the head of BOTH COUNTRIES.

Watch how Trumpstein ratchets up tension with Iran….of course he’ll make concessions to Middle America to keep a lid on the boiling dissatisfaction within America….but the Jew cunt will continue to pour BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars into the country which controls America….ISRAEL.


NOTE:An estimated FIFTY MILLION AMERICANS ARE SAID TO LIVE IN POVERTY…while parasitic Jews in Israel experience one of the highest standards of living in the world.

To expect anything to change while the Jew Trump is running the just plain delusional.


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