Anti Trump demo and placards

One said (given prominence by Daily Mail)…”Jews support black lives matter”… should have had a proviso tacked on…”in America”…In the Jews headquarters in Israel you’ll find a ton of black refugees sitting in detention centres awaiting deportation…

Another sign said “stop white supremacy”.”’

Well just how “supreme” are “whites” in the U.S.?…. especially in positions of power and influence…actually “whites” are far from supreme.IF…they were supreme do you think America would be sending BILLIONS of dollars of American taxpayers money to Israel every year…of course not….or be allowing MILLIONS of illegal immigrants to flood into America every year.

Although the Jewish owned and operated media would like American minorities to think whites are supreme…it is a load of BULLSHIT.

It is the Jews who are Supreme which explains why Jews are far and away the richest ethnic group in the USA.

Try telling one of these moronic demonstrators that….you’d be wasting your time.They have had decades of anti European propaganda rammed down their throats…by the Jewish run media…their brain cells couldn’t handle it.

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