Anti Trump protests take to da streets in the U.S..

They orta wait a while before they get annoyed at losing the election.Most likely they’ll find that in six months time the situation on the ground will be little different from now…

They should realise that American elections are largely a vaudeville show..The same cunts pulling the strings during Obama’s term in office will be doing the same with Trumpsteen.

Keep in mind the cosy photos of Trump with the Clinton crime family a few years back…..recalling past events may be too much of a stretch for Americans though.

Really these demonstrators should be protesting about stuff like the privately owned Federal Reserve…or burning an effigy of Benny Hinn the Israeli multimillionaire preaching Old Testament Christianity.In an ideal world Benny would be sitting on a perch at a fairground where the public pay money to knock him off into a pool of gloop.OR they pay money to apply a charge of electricity through Benny to see his bad haircut stand on end.These would be worthwhile objectives…rather than running around with a placard nobody reads.

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