“Mad Mike” Fay gets additional charges on his rap sheet.

Sir Michael Fay….pillar of the community is a highly respected Merchant Bankster…..only he ain’t anything of the sort….as most Kiwis are aware….Fay and his mate Richwhite fleeced NZers of hundreds of millions of dollars in a very sophisticated financial heist…in cooperation with “corrupt elements” in the NZ parliament.

It worked a treat until one particularly “bothersome” MP and let’s not forget,uncorrupted MP ,decided to call out Fay and Richwhite….it was a parliamentary version of “step outside you corrupt cunt”.

OK…The MP DID manage to get 20 million back that was stolen in the heist,but that was but a small fraction of the MILLIONS stolen by Fay and Richwhite.Needless to say the corrupt media dogged the non corrupt MP the whole way through.AND there was no apology when he was proven correct!!!.

Although Fay likes to portray himself as a businessman of the highest integrity…you’d have to be as dumbed down as the average American to buy that nonsense.

It turns out that Fay is VERY LIKELY to have been behind the attempted Truck Murder  by Catholic gangsters…which makes sense since Fay attended St Pats Silverstream an upmarket Catholic college……all this in collusion with the “Catholic mafia” within the NZ Police.

If you want to know what a country looks like with this sort of business model…you only have to look at Catholic Argentina…which was once a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world….now it is famous for police brutality and murders of ordinary citizens…by the police!!.

Obviously Fay should be before the courts…along with his mate who is hiding out in London (Richwhite)

Thanks to Fay,the Swiss now benefit from the theft with the MILLIONS stolen from NZers sitting in secret Swiss bank accounts earning piles of interest.If you think Fay is declaring this income to the NZ tax authorities you are living in cloud cuckoo land.

If Fay ever had any doubts about his crimes,he could always drop down to his local Catholic church and go to confession…not that he would of course..people like Fay are WITHOUT CONSCIENCE…there is some sort of psychological term for people like Fay..but it is easier to describe them in the Kiwi vernacular…cunts.

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