The media’s obsession with RACE.

Whether it’s the BBC,CNN or NZTV…they are ALWAYS harping on about race.

The U.S. election is the perfect example…but it does not end there…voters are divided into further sub groups…like Lezo’s or fudgepackers for example.Or men or women.

It USED TO BE AMERICANS or NZers voted for X Y or Z. etc etc.

There is a strategy behind all this of course…which could be described as divide and rule.

So WHO is doing the “dividing”…?.Well it’s the same ethnic group which totally controls the media…people of Jewish ethnicity.

The problem is most people are unaware of Jewish power…and that is just how the globalist Jews like it.Both Trump and Clinton are crypto Jews…but they cannot hide the fact their children are all married to Jews…

So Jewish political reporter’s in all the western tv networks make absolutely sure they introduce race into the equation….and Europeans or “whites” always bear the brunt of the criticism.

When Trump makes criticism of Mexicans for example…hiding his REAL ethnicity pays big…because Mexicans automatically assume Trump is “white” and he is quite happy about that situation…Keep in mind there are plenty of Latin American crypto Jews…for example the Latina actress with massive gazumba’s Hayek (“gazumba’s” refers to Salma’s  massive superstructure and is derived from Mayan cultural mores…and in Salma’s case ” more” is the operative word)

FOX….The richest man in Mexico May appear to be “white”…in fact he is just another Jewish billionaire…so if anyone is oppressing poor Mexicans…it is the Jews.

Naturally Fox would actually prefer to be regarded as “white”…blame “whites” is a popular strategy by the Jews…and they encourage minorities to do so.

Somehow the Jew controlled media even contrived to persuade viewers  “whites are racist for voting in their own interests!’.Nasty “whites” in middle America voted for TRUMP..The media interprets this as “white racism”.

None of this Jewish racism is going to stop until word gets out about the control of the media by Jews….as long as there are plentiful supplies of Big Macs..Americans don’t have to think.

BUT Americans living in the rust belt are being forced to question the circumstances of their poverty as they line up for food handouts…

The Jew Trump is unlikely to alter their circumstances….whereas an armed assault on Wall Street would get things moving in a hurry.In fact it is possible that Trump was put in power to see off that possibility….by giving the illusion of action.

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