Example of hacking of my cell phone

As previously mentioned my cell phone is hacked.This becomes most obvious when accessing YouTube…they put up various crap to watch….as suggestions.

The latest effort is putting up a film called “Falling Down”…made in the 90’s starring Michael Douglas.

It’s about an office worker who is pissed off with his perceived failings of society…and he goes on a bit of a rampage.The Jews who made the film even managed to squeeze in some holocaust propaganda by having Douglas (the star) go into an army surplus store owned by a textbook neo nazi (played by the compulsory Jew)…who has an original can of zyklon B for sale….truly pathetic of course…

The first  clip they put up was in a burger shop….because one of the characters has my name…you can imagine these pathetic cretins hunched over their keyboards setting this up.

What exactly is the problem here…?.They don’t like this blog…it annoys them.Surely they’re not stupid enough to believe I would be influenced by this Hollywood crap….??!.

I’ll have to get round to fixing the you tube problem sometime….right now I Cant be bothered…

As many people have remarked…The internet has been a very useful tool to the “authorities”….I got tracked around Britain using my NZ cell phone using a British SIM card….obviously either the police or SIS provided their counterparts in Britain with the information.

The remarkable thing is….I have not broken the law!!!….As top drug dealers etc know..you have to use “burner phones” if you want to avoid this stuff…but even then the voice recognition technology may capture a single conversation.

So on one hand the internet gives the opportunity to exercise free speech…on the other hand it enables Big Brother to pry on your every move.

You can safely assume privacy denying technology is far more advanced than is commonly assumed to be.


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