Mel Gibson…Hollywood star

What is the REAL story with Gibson?.You have to do some internet trawling to find out that one.

The first point you should note is,he is a Catholic…that very fact should set the alarm bells ringing because Hollywood is TOTALLY CONTROLLED BY JEWS.

Then there is Midget Mels appearance He looks Jewish and his extreme shortness matches that of many Jewish directors in Hollywood.

His family look Jewish..

He defies the odds by continued success in Hollywood despite his “anti-Semitic outbursts”.The fate of Helen Thomas is what happens to people who criticise Jews..your career is destroyed along with your reputation.

So the reality is,the NOXIOUS little midget is actually a MARRANO Catholic.That is a Jew who purports to be a Catholic.Spain was full of these fake Catholics before and after the inquisition…thus they have a name for them.The Turkish also have a name for Jews posing as Muslims…Donmeh.

There was a famous highly publicised anti-Semitic outburst by Gibson during a traffic incident in L.A….it made world headlines…was it a coincidence that at this very time Jews were massacring  Palestinians in Palestine (again) creating hugely negative publicity for Jews around the world.NO!…This incident was almost certainly entirely organised by Jews to distract attention from the massacre of Palestinians and in doing so focus attention on long suffering Jews who are suffering at the hands of a brutish vicious anti-Semitic Hollywood director….at this point it all becomes absurd…There are NO anti-Semitic Hollywood directors!.

WARNING:All high profile Catholics in the U.S. ….ARE USUALLY CRYPTO JEWS….like the ghoul from hell John Kerry…only very rarely are Marrano’s like Kerry exposed as fakes.

Further anti-Semitic publicity was obtained by Gibson by going around apologizing to talk show hosts…and prostrating  himself at their feet…in penance for committing a serious crime..anti-Semitism.NOTE:Not quite as serious as the anti-Semitism taking place in Gaza..where Semitic Palestinian children were being burnt alive by Jewish white phosphorus munitions.Still,you don’t want to get too picky about the details of Jewish suffering.

So Gibson is DEFINITELY A MARRANO JEW…all this anti-Semitic stuff is just a load of BULLSHIT…which explains why midget mels career is still going strong as ever.

It is worth noting the killer mossad motto….By way of deception we shall do war.

Obviously Mel Gibson should be processed into a few bars of soap…just like the Nazis used to do with Jews.Only they didn’t….The soap story is just another holocaust propaganda LIE..just like anti-Semitic Mel Gibson is a LIE…The short arsed prick is a JEW.

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