“NZ to become the Athens of the modern world”

Richard Dawkins the famous ethnologist reckons NZ is a “deeply civilised nation”….

He was comparing NZ with Ancient Greece…well if he means giving Aristotle the chop because he did not agree with the Athenian oligarchy..he is on the money.

How about the gigantic theft of public owned assets…from the likes of Fay Richwhite….or the theft of the Govt printing office by the richest individual in NZ….a deeply uncivilized theft by a corrupt jew.

What planet is this academic on exactly.He has obviously led a cloistered life within the comforting surroundings of academia.

Put it like this…NZers are getting dumber every generation…it’s very straightforward ….The proportion of dumb people in society is growing…low IQ people are having big families normally supported by the state…on the other hand people packing a decent amount of brain cells are having small families usually for economic reasons…so the cumulative effect is more thickos per capita.In the future the highly intelligent elite will spend a lot of time “managing” the threat of thickshits…ruining their sumptuous lifestyles.

It is highly unlikely NZ will ever see the likes of Sir Ernest Rutherford again.

The Daily Mail often runs articles about giant families of thickshits…

In the past…people of the greatest abilities had the largest number of children.Today the situation has reversed.Political Correctness has prevented a rational approach to the looming problem….

According to the destructive ideology of PC all races are the same…any academic who says different risks their career being “hemlocked”…..

So Dick Dawkins probably cooked up his ideas in a comfortable office in a university.In Singapore brainy types actually receive assistance from the government to have more children.So you could invite genuine brainy immigrants to NZ….with the proviso they have to have at least four children…this policy could help counteract the explosion in numbers of thickos.On the other hand you could pay thickshits  NOT to have children!.

As usual the bedrock of any democracy…The middle class,gets caught in the middle.Many former middle class Americans have slipped into the lower class….however from their ranks may emerge a leader and if he escapes being murdered by the oligarchy may lead to the overthrow of the zio-swamp gov’t…..it certainly NEEDS to be overthrown.



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