Trumpstein pulls his first double cross…there’ll be plenty more too.

As many people have said…The U.S. election was Vaudville in action…that is the players all bat for the same team.

The outlandish remarks made by one contender against another are very similar to the sort of thing you find in Big Time Wrestling.Once the Wrestlers are out of view from the public,they’re actually good mates.

Trump has just stated that “Obama is a very good man”.

Whether he is a good man or not he was a useless president who got a free ride from the Jewish controlled media…as you might expect.

Trump is going to betray all the people who voted for him…that is the working poor…his Jew mates,the Jewish one percent will be happy though,he is giving them a big tax break.

Let’s hope THIS betrayal will persuade Americans that there is simply no alternative…but to invade the swamp and do battle with the traitors…as suggested by Thomas Jefferson.

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