Gary Linekar….hugely overpaid football commentator

Linekar is of course a crypto jew…which explains why he works for the BBC and is paid ridiculous amounts of money.

Put it like this…usually ex sports stars who end up working for the media are Jews….an easy formulae for understanding how the racist employment policies of the BBC work.The BBC is totally under control of Jews…MOST of them are crypto Jews as their ethnicity is never mentioned.They rely on the fact that most people will assume they are Europeans…So when Linekar promotes third world immigration…there is an underlying political objective involved.(Jews are always at the forefront of promoting immigration…they lead all immigration supporting pressure groups…)

However Linekar is easily identifiable as a crypto Jew…because of his insta-tan© complexion…which is decidedly Semitic (see photographs of former owner of BHS…who has an extremely high Grease-Quotient® [Phillip Green]).

Travel to the Middle East and you’ll see lots of Linekars mooching around..speculation would suggest Linekar may have some Moraccan/Berber ancestry.Alternatively you could peruse TinTin books set in this area of the world…Put a hooded Kaftan on Linekar and he would instantly blend in with his surroundings…selling dodgy leather handbags in the back alleys of a souk.

A quick reference to Shell Oils internationally recognised Grease Content Scale…rapidly identifies Linekar as a crypto Jew (you can contact Shell Oil and ask for a chart on grease recognition…[which are basically similar to Dulux paint cards])

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