Hilarious….Trumpsteen is ALREADY backtracking…”lock ‘er up”

Clinton the zio-hag won’t be “Locked up” and the wall won’t be built either…and the Mexican government won’t be paying for anything…And the millions of illegal immigrants will stay put.

HOWEVER …considerable efforts will be made to dupe the American public that action is being taken….with the controlled media showing examples of a few thousand illegal immigrants being removed…..for appearances sake.

When dumbed down Americans realise that they have been duped….what will they do about it.AFTER ALL ITS NOT THE FIRST TIME AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT HAS LIED HIS HEAD OFF BEFORE BEING ELECTED…Obama for example.

Speaking of which…there is ALREADY talk of not shutting down Obama care but rather,tweaking the details of it.

The more Americans attempt to change things,the more they must realise they are up against an entrenched,corrupt Jewish elite….keeping in mind that only a small percentage of Jews in the U.S. government openly say they are Jews.

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