Forestalling a America

It is quite possible the zio-oligarchy fully intended to install the zio-witch Clinton in the White House…but then changed tack at the last moment…because of the mounting anger of the downtrodden middle class..and the danger this posed to the zio-elites position.

Keep in mind that there are many examples of the Jews taking over power then doing stuff which really pissed off ordinary people…ultimately resulting in the Jews being toppled from power.(The Jews call this anti-Semitism…and treat these events as mysterious examples of intolerance that spring from nowhere)..

A leopard can’t change its spots…so don’t expect the Jew Trump do do anything except tinker around on things like the export of jobs and immigration.

Look at the crypto Jewess now currently installed as British PM.The vast majority of Britain want third world immigration brought a complete HALT…so what has May done so far to stop the invasion?.The answer to that is NOTHING,ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!’

When confronted with these sorts situations…what the elite did in the 20th Century was to start WAR on a grand scale…it is therefore logical to expect another global conflict of their making…pitting advanced nations against each other…..

Keep in mind the devastation the Jewish run USSR government brought to the Russian people…

If nations in the West are contemplating revolution….they had better make sure they hunt down the zio-elite FIRST..otherwise they’ll be destined for mass killings directed from the top.Also domestic intelligence agencies will need to be swept clean of crypto Jews….BEFORE they start organising the persecution of native people’s. (Just for example.the East German secret police had crypto Jews at the top of it…for example Woolf)

It goes without saying that the Rothschilds need to be put in prison….along with the rest of the Jewish criminals who have preyed apon the western banking system.

Currently Trump is portrayed as being outside the “system”…..wait and see for an answer on that one.

Give it a year and he’ll have the U.S. embroiled in conflict with Iran.Keep in mind that Iran is outside the Rothschild banking system…..AND IS A PRIMARY TARGET FOR THE JEWS IN ISRAEL…and if they get their way they will bring death and destruction to Iran just as these fiends have done to Iraq and Syria.


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