The magnificent benefits of multiculturalism

The Jewish edited Daily Mail is again reporting on conflict with Muslims in British jails.

Keep an eye out for photographs of two different races in relationships “posed by models”…The Jewish controlled Daily Mail often uses such photographs..and IT IS NOT BY CHANCE…

Look…The whole point of multiculturalism is to enable the Jewish elite to pit different groups,races and religions against each other…while this elite continues to rob the country blind and get Britain fighting wars for Israel.

Sorry but the elite in Britain (Including the crypto Jew Osbourne who regularly uses cocaine…not reported by the Jewish edited Daily Mail for obvious reasons)’..are going to turn Britain’s prisons into a barbaric system like is found in the USA….AND the former Soviet gulags.

The Jews are literally destroying Britain from within…Farage supporters think he is one of them….IN FACT the truth of the matter is FARAGE IS A CRYPTO JEW…he fulfills Lenins maxim “if you want to control your opposition,you run it”‘

He has just flown to the USA to meet up with ANOTHER crypto Jew…Trump.

Meantime…The totally Jewish controlled media keeps reinforcing the lie that multiculturalism is beneficial…against all the evidence.

Have you noticed that the Jewess Theresa May has done NOTHING to halt the invasion of Britain by illegal immigrants….when are people in Britain going to realise that the country is led by a treacherous elite with a private agenda.

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