Global Jewry flood Australia and NZ with third world invaders

Australia has increased the intake from 5000 to 19000….keep in mind you should multiply that number by at least three because they’ll bring their relatives in too.

The Jewish oligarchy meantime LIE and say they are cracking down on immigration…and they use the media which is entirely controlled by dupe the public.

Note:Most of the billionaires in Australia are CRYPTO JEWS.Frank Lowy

can’t do this trick because he came from Israel…whereas the apeman Packer can.

Of course NZ has exactly the same problem as Australia…The Jewish oligarchy IS STILL FLOODING NZ WITH THIRD WORLD INVADERS…fucking things up for NZ house buyers.

Both Turnbull and Key are Jews and part of the Global Jewish power structure.The very same people who use Western armed forces to fight and die in the Middle East instead of Jews in Israel…this very fact should give you a good indication of the treacherous Jewish elite which is installed in most western countries….




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