Patrick Gower corporate lackey.They own his butt.

Patrick Gargoyle-Gower is one of the weirdest presenters on NZ TV…Some people may wonder how he got a job on Prime Time TV….easy-peasy…his butt is up for hire by the highest bidder…The corporates….

He is 101% politically correct which is a prerequisite for working in the NZ media….like the BBC in fact.

Also there are SUPPOSED to be rules FORBIDDING employees in NZ TV from taking secondary employment…Employment which may compromise their supposed neutrality.

These regulations don’t seem to bother Gower….there are reliable reports that Gower moonlights at the weekend working for a fairground operator.(he is to be found hiding out on the ghost train ride…where half way through the ride Gower pops up and scares the passengers….some passengers have been found to be extremely distraught at the end of the ride)

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