Smiling drongos preferable for NZ TV

One of the slyest presenters on NZ TV Hillary Barry waxes lyrical about her new work chums.

Barry got her new show fronting breakfast television…after leaving the non PC Saul Henry show….

The masculine testosterone enhanced Barry is now the queen of morning TV.

What she particularly likes in her new job is her new workmates…a team of wet pathetic New generation politically correct characterless ever so nice SMILING DRONGOS…The type that infest American television…(not an Anglo Saxon in sight…Jews and ethnically correct presenters)

At least Henry is a REAL person with personality…When Barry was on his show…her visage post programme needed to be massaged back to life…so much fake smiling had gone on she had suffered from cramp.

Sorry Kiwis…These simpering smiley drones from the twilight world are THE future for NZ TV..Give it 20 years and they’ll speak like one of those electronic robots….

You would think someone of Barry’s advanced age would have escaped being programmed with PC propaganda while at school…however she is sly enough to pretend to be an adherent of this post communist ideology….

Then just to shock Kiwis even more a voice from the past emerges…The Irish crypto Jew Brian Edwards…The “$socialist from hell”.He joined in the PC tirade against Henry when he complimented a woman for packing a nice pair of jugz.A heinous crime of course.

Of course Edwards is a TOTALLY HYPOCRITICAL CUNT…OF THE WORST KIND.In his early days he was a good friend of Helen Clark NZ’s former lesbian/jewish Prime Minister.When Clark got the top job…lo and behold Edwards shows up and gets the job as media adviser…need it be said the greasy crypto gets huge amounts of money for doing so..A “$ocialist” version of “jobs for the boys”

Two leading high profile “socialists” in Britain are Bob Geldof and Russel Brand…they are both multimillionaires and JEWS….

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