Ted ‘eath in the news again

The notorious homosexual and pedophile Ted Heath is in the news again.The elite is doing it’s level best to cover this one up…of course.But keep in mind that Heath is dead as a door nail so it is just possible something may come of it….like the Saville case.

Is the controlled media reviving this case to divert attention away from the immigration issue??.’

Put it this way…claims against Heath were made while he was alive..and no legal action was taken against the claimants….

Unfortunately a NZ judge has been dragged into all of this…she soon cut her losses and skipped town…THAT IS HOW BAD IT IS!.

The level of corruption in high places in London is legendary…homosexuality and vice is deeply entrenched amongst the elite.There is no doubt at all that children have been murdered by members of the corrupted elite…Savilles association with the windsors demonstrates  what is really going on….So really,the NZ judge had NO option,but to get out fast before the elite decided to target her!.

If nothing comes of this…you can safely assume it is a diversion…


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