The British government..”putting Britain First.”.

Actually the British government does not give a shit about its lowly ordinary citizens…

Here’s two examples.

A British family holidaying in NZ were trapped in a rural area as a result of the recent earthquake.So were some Chinese citizens.In very short order the Chinese citizens were helicoptered out as a result of Chinese government intervention.The British citizens did not get out until a day later…they were ignored to the last minute by the British government.

Currently the British government has agreed to send a British computer geek to spend the rest of his life in jail’… to America….in the grossly unjust American justice system where if you’re rich you’ll get off,if you’re not…you won’t have a fucking chance.

How about another example of the British elites contempt for the average citizen in Britain……..

They HAVE FLOODED THE COUNTRY WITH MILLIONS OF ALIEN PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD..while the elite live in luxury and isolation the average person is left to contend with all the problems associated with the “flood”..grossly overcrowded transport,health services overstretched,schools crowded with non English speaking immigrants…etc etc.

Obviously a revolution is in order…that is why the British public is one of the most spied Apon in the word….MI5…they’re gangsters deployed to stop the corrupt elite being thrown out.

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