“German made”

It is interesting to read the Jewish edited Daily Mails write up of the trial of the individual who murdered the British MP.

They pointed out that the gun he used was “GERMAN MADE”…. and that he had accessed a NEO NAZI website Occidental Observer…..

Obviously the Jews at the Mail are trying to build up a picture and extract mileage out of the case…any link with Nazis so much the better.

There are magazine’s in the U.S. which cater to Black American interests…loads of them….however the minute any Europeans decide to do something similar….they are targeted by the Jewish elite which rules the U.S..

The Occidental Observer does not seem to be a NEO nazi website…put it that way..BUT it often points out the HUGE power of the Jews in America….this is FORBIDDEN.Actually when the Jews took over Russia in 1917… making comment like that mentioned in the OO would have very likely either bought a one way ticket to the Gulags or the death penalty.

Keep in mind,that this incident may not be all that it seems.After all any sensible person would target the people who actually make the laws allowing Britain to be flooded with immigrants…This will explain why Blair..The Marrano who purports to be Catholic gets a round the clock protection detail….at huge expense.

When blacks in America make mention of the Jews enormous power…like controlling the media etc.The Jews who call the shots at the top face a difficult problem….”white racists are the problem”….and Muslims of course….you may have noticed that “whites” and Muslims come in for the most attacks by the media….not coincidentally BOTH these two groups are well aware of the Jews all encompassing power.Give it a few years and the Jews will have these two groups at each others throats….while the Jews sit on the sideline counting the money they have stolen from Americans in the current fiscal year…..and deposited in Tel Aviv banks….

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