Theresa May gives speech about “ignoring concerns about immigration”

Meantime…in the real world…nothing has been done about leaving the EU and nothing has been done about halting the invasion of Britain…..NOTHING.

Be absolutely sure that May and her husband are crypto Jews…and just to cap things off…The archbishop of Canterbury was shown arriving at the dinner…dressed in purple (like the Roman aristocracy used to do)’Justin Welby IS ALSO A CRYPTO JEW…in his case there is ample evidence for that fact.

For background on crypto jews/marranos Google it in connection to 15th Century Spain.

So…why all this back tracking on immigration…not too long back May was in favour of it….The secret police headed up by Parker,another crypto Jew…will have informed May and her fellow crypto Jews that talk of revolution is in the air….they understand what that means to their position….a threat.

Forget about the riffraff that show up on the streets at every available opportunity…no…The people contemplating revolution are ordinary people who have been fucked over by the elite….too many times.

Naturally the elite will be looking to run any revolutionary activity in order to control it…..Rounding up the Rothschilds May prevent a third world war….

By “running your own opposition” picture FARAGE…a crypto Jew.There are people who believe he is serious!!.He has just flown to meet up with Trump…ANOTHER CRYPTO JEW…only in Trumps case there is PLENTY of evidence that he is a Jew.The media won’t be saying anything.Thanks to monopoly control of the U.S. media by Israel…The U.S. no longer has a “free press”.

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