This website highlights the wholesale breaches of laws governing privacy in NZ…..BY THE NZSIS…IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE NEW ZEALAND POLICE.

The situation is actually WORSE than stated.

The Jewish elite has flooded nz with third world immigrants…The immigrants cause trouble…The Jewish controlled secret police….The SIS can now justify introducing legislation because of terrorism threats…WHICH THEY BROUGHT ABOUT IN THE FIRST PLACE BY FLOODING NZ WITH ALIEN PEOPLE.

It is NOT A coincidence that the Jew Key is at the forefront of all this…he has identifiable links with the global Jewish crime family…The Rothschilds.

You’ll notice that Key has ALREADY allowed American nuclear armed ships to come back to NZ!!

Key is your typical high handed Jew in power…WORSE THOUGH is the fact that NZ’s Jewish controlled media…gives the covert criminal a FREE RIDE.

When Key shows up on the Paul Henry show…it’s like two good old mates meeting up at the pub.

(Tip:.Check the staff hanging around on Henry’s set…Cameramen etc..NINETY PERCENT OF THEM ARE JEWS…as are MOST of his guests,including the former governor of the reserve bank..Donald Brash…..IF YOU MENTION THESE FACTS…YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE COMING AT YOU FROM ALL POINTS OF THE COMPASS…INCLUDING THE LAW BREAKING FUCKING CUNTS AT THE SIS…..all of this stuff is going to get worse once people realise the Jews are going to FLOOD NZ with a FURTHER TWO MILLION THIRD WORLD IMMIGRANTS….destroying NZs identity in the process….The Jewish elite will be virtually impossible to dislodge…you can forget about voting.


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