Black and British…a forgotten ‘istry.

Before reading this book (as advertised by the Jewish Guardian)…get hold of a copy of 1984….read the stuff about he who controls the present,controls the past and all that…..

It is NOT coincidence that these past altering narratives are written by people with a political barrow to push…usually Marxists.(this one was written by an individual who is 50% European)

Let’s get one thing straight,there were some black people living in Britain..Elizabeth the first called them backamores.But their numbers were statistically insignificant…they would have hardly caused a blip on a chart.

So why is this Marxist author bothering to write a whole book on the subject…

ITS ALL TO DO WITH PRESENT DAY POLITICS…and very little to do with an historical account of the past.

Orwell spoke about this sort of carry on and lo and behold….

Keep in mind most of this stupid stuff is generated by influential Jews…like the one who edits the Guardian…no wonder paying Guardian readers are dropping like flies and the Guardian prints a begging letter for readers to donate to the cause.

The Guardian is going to have to back peddle on the Marxist crap if it wants to survive…mind you a Labour government could step in and subsidise the Guardian,like it does with the BBC…that way British subjects could pay for their own brainwashing!.

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