“It’s totally unacceptable”

Trump has just appointed Bannon to a top job.Bannon is said to be very right wing and it is just possible he is a complete cunt….BUT..

His appointment by Trump has been described by Bernie “one foot on a banana skin” Sanders as “totally unacceptable”.

However this is an incomplete quote…what Bernie missed out was…”because he is not a Jew”.

However Bernie trotted out a whole lot of OTHER reasons why Bannon is “not acceptable”.That is Bannon is a racist intolerant right wing bigot…etc.

Strange as it may seem Bernie has an inner conflict going on..On one hand he is a great espouser of human rites in the U.S. of A…..black lives matter,Muslims etc….However his concerns for fundamental human rites does not extend to Israel…in fact when he was running for office…he gave Israel a free pass on the subject….SeewatImean…Bernie is your classic Jew hypocrite….

Would Bernie ever present a bill to the house saying…money donated(extorted) to one of the wealthiest countries in the world…Israel will now be used to provide proper housing for poor Americans living in the Appalachians….YA GOTTA BE FUCKIN’ jokin’ on that one!.

Nah…Bernie is a little shit….he prefers the American government to pay for housing Jews in the West Bank.

If he keeps this shit up he’ll be making a very good case for a visit to Palmolive..although he is a bit on the scrawny side for a boutique range of Bernies Bubbly Bouquet®….failing the soap option…there is always the lampshade option….




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