Kiwis should read Paul Craig Roberts latest article…

That is…”Trumps opponents see ordinary Americans as deplorables”.


It is a cutting indictment of the current state of America….and we are not talking about normal Americans.On TV you usually see Jews and abnormal Americans….being fucking pricks and arseoles.Like the total wankers on the million dollar real estate programs.

Despite the name the two women who front the programme “Junk Gypsies” actually seem to be decent down to earth people….therefore they are probably not Jews…..contrast these two with the scumbags you find on most American TV programs…like the distilled garbage The Khardashians….or the moronic talk shows…like Jimmy Felon…and his band of Muppets.

One more point….go to the website “Vigilant Citizen”…. There is a photo of a pretend cadaver in a coffin…and luminaries like Gagastein are pretending to eat it????!’

This is so damn sick….that you would have to check if it is actually true!.But knowing the satanic Jew sickos that inhabit this world…..IT PROBABLY IS!!!!.

Keep in mind the Jew Jimmy Saville was NOT pretending….there are reliable accounts of him visiting morgues to have sex with dead bodies…..IS IT ANY WONDER THE NZ JUDGE FLED BRITAIN AFTER RESIGNING FROM THE FAKE ENQUIRY….keep in mind Saville was close friends with the Windsors and Margaret Thatcher!!.

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