Valls the French PM says “Ve must listen to le People”

Valls is bullshitting of course,after all he is un Juif….

Some how these bullshitters get away with it…or maybe they don’t….but rather the media gives the impression they do.

Valls was warning the EU needs to get “immigration under control”…this is absurd….it is rather like the Jew Sarkozy announcing his sudden revelations about immigration…when for the last decade or more he has been promoting it!…..

So what is ACTUALLY going on here…essentially what Valls and co are doing is trying to hijack policies of nationally oriented political parties…because they know this is what most people want….should people ever be stupid enough to believe them IF they get back into power…it will be business as usual….The invaders will continue to arrive…often helped by Jewish politicians…who send frigates..TO HELP THEM INVADE!!’

Note:Blair,Cameron,Sarkozy,Hollande….are Jews….as is Valls.

Blair the chief architect of MASSIVE ALIEN IMMIGRATION purports to be a Catholic….however this is not to be believed for a moment….he is a crypto Jew….Strangely the same applies to Trump and May…..both crypto Jews.

So these cunts want to have their cake and eat it…

Sorry,the chances are very high that Trump will disappoint his supporters…

Marine Le Pen is not a Jew which means she will be in extreme danger of assassination over the coming years…

“We have to get immigration under control”… totally absurd that they might have Merkel (crypto Jew) saying the same thing….anytime soon.

Why does anyone believe these liars…Practically everything they say is designed to manipulate and deceive.

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