Shirley Oaks Survivors Assoc. Withdraws from pedophile enquiry

Notice the huge problems with this enquiry…


Now one of the groups wanting justice have withdrawn from the enquiry….

So what is ACTUALLY going on here.The NZ judge has even Been fitted up with an OBVIOUS SMEAR…saying she had made racist comments

The whole thing drags on and on…..and there is a very good reason for that…but you won’t find anything about it in the controlled media in Britain.

Elite pedophiles…The ones called the one percent are deeply involved in pedophilia…this fact can be easily determined by Savilles close association with the Windsors.

As soon as any enquiry gets near this…The shutters come down and resignations soon after.Put it like this…these people who are resigning start feeling the heat….they may also be so disgusted at it all that rather than play the game and help the cover up they resign…knowing that their careers may be at stake.Resignation solves all their problems….THEY GET OUT.

The fourth estate won’t go into bat for them…The elite OWN IT.

The ONLY truth you will find is amongst ordinary people …They find out its a fixed game…and they too get out..

This pedophilia goes all the way to the top…hence Saville and the Windsors.Here is where David Icke is most likely correct!!!’

So it looks like only something like a revolution will ever see the truth come to light….The police and judiciary are totally compromised…infested with freemasons.

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