Katy Perry and Russell Brand…JEWS

Turns out that Katy Perry is a Jewess..so the marriage to Russel Brand makes sense…

This was another high profile marriage between Jews…just like Prince William and Kate.If you decked out Williams pop in one of those outfits with a matchbox strapped to his head…..Prince Charles would be indistinguishable from many wall bobbing Jews in Jerusalem.

It is amazing the stupidity of the public who buy into Russel Brand…anyone who has an ounce of brain matter would quickly realise he is just another Jewish conman….like for example Benny Hinn,the Israeli “christian”‘

Here’s Brand preaching socialism instead of fake Christianity (like Hinn)..yet he is worth millions of pounds….His new wife will ALSO be a Jewess.

Put it this way…there is NO WAY he would be famous IF he was not a Jew.

While Brand preaches the invasion of Britain under the banner of non racism against foreigners…HE MAKES DAMN SURE TO MARRY SOMEONE OF THE SAME RACE AS HIM….The reason for that is JEWS ARE SERIOUSLY RACIST…they always endeavour to marry within the tribe…..while busily persuading the goyim to marry other races.This theme is CONSTANTLY promoted on television.(along with homosexuality)

Take Sarah Beeny…she is a crypto Jew who does housing programs…As usual mixed marriages feature strongly and gays as well.The incidence of these programs promoting these themes is way out of proportion to the actual numbers in society…which tells you the Jews who control western TV are PROMOTING…this.

First…people have to learn to spot CRYPTO JEWS…..then their goose is cooked…because they will no longer be able to do the above without attribution.

Got an insurance claim….first check if it is Jewish lightning…etc.

Got a BBC News reporter telling lies about the situation in the middle east..run your crypto Jew check first.

Theresa May doing her level best to delay Britain’s exit from the EU after a referendum…Check both her and her husband….



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