Jewish controlled British secret police step up action against native people.

Obviously they don’t want the natives getting too restless….

It’s all very well targeting mooslums in Britain…but after all Global Jewry WANTS Muslims to cause problems…and if they don’t they can always rustle up a few pasties who can be relied apon to make trouble.

Note: While British hooligans are routinely prevented from travelling abroad (illegally)…”strangely” Muslims seem to have no trouble leaving Orwells Britain to join groups in the middle east.

Global Jews are now facing problems from the left too…

Keep in mind that the leaders of BOTH the Labour Party AND The Conservative party are CRYPTO JEWS.Then there are a whole swag of crypto Jews in both parties…like Johnson and the runt Gove.

It seems that the Marrano Tony Blair is considering re entering politics…it is a very good example of the contempt the elite have for democracy…Blair intends to overturn the referendum result!!.

Note:you may read the Daily Mail…just keep in mind that the best way to control your opposition is to run it….Stand by for the next batch of photographs featuring Russian jets being shadowed by heroic British pilots.

More bad news…Putin Will be a crypto Jew….Keep in mind the Jews objective is to destroy Syria’s infrastructure…to decimate the country…like something you would find in the Old Testament….piece by piece….then they will eventually invade the country…accompanied by a whole batch of new lies…to make THEM appear to be the victims…



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