Just remember WHO created the problem in the first place.

NZ has just experienced its first “Muslim controversy”….

A Muslim cleric is making criticism about Jews….and there is a bonus!…The speech has been put on You Tube.

Stand by kiwis there’ll plenty more of where that came from….You only have to look at Britain today to see where this is leading.Or across the Tasman…

First you have to know the Jewish elite controls Western countries…just to make it easy for you..The Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand are JEWS and not by coincidence.As far as THEY are concerned the more trouble Muslims create the better.It makes it easier for Global Jewry to use Western armed forces to fight Israel’s wars in the Middle East.

Keep in mind the hook handed one eyed Muslim preacher in Britain….he remained at liberty for YEARS…before he was finally jailed.He was the perfect Muslim ogre…

The objective of global Jewry is to factionalise the populations of the countries of the West …..so you have all these different groups pitted against each other….leaving the Jews at the top to virtually do as they please…because no concerted action can be taken against racial minority rule.


Accompanying all this is a HUGE rise in the activity of the secret police…legitimized by the threat of terrorism WHICH HAS BEEN CREATED BY THE VERY SAME GROUP.

Currently Merkel the crypto Jew president of Germany is now FLYING IN MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS from Southern Europe…THOUSANDS ARE ARRIVING BY THIS METHOD!!.

If you speak up you’ll have to contend with the POLICE…because the Jews at the top control them.The usual excuse is “controlling the white racist supremacists”….The truth is the REAL supremacists are the Jews!!.

So kiwis should keep in mind that “Muslim hate preachers” are quite DELIBERATELY allowed to happen.

Put it this way…if no Muslims had been allowed to flood Europe…just think how impossible it would be for the”Elders of Zion” to persuade voters in Europe to even consider using troops in the middle east…

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