Mike Adams…Natural News

Adams is one of the main alternative news players in the U.S….he routinely shows up on the Truthseeker website.

That should not be a surprise..since Adams like so many “guests” on the Truthseeker site are JEWS.

Actually Adams is a crypto Jew..since there is no mention of his ethnicity on his website….OF COURSE…some readers at least would be suspicious about him….with good reason!..  Another Jew writes a blog called Economic Collapse.Snyder is his name,or something like that.He makes a practise of forever predicting catastrophe…by the law of averages he will be proven right sooner or later.

From Jones the ranting Jewish kook to Kaminski…Jews are taking over the alt media,just as they have with the mainstream news.American patriots oughta be lining up Jones for a drone strike….he is such a fucking lardarsed IDIOT.

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