NZ families living under bridges…

So far they are not doing this on a permanent basis…..YET…

The Salavation Army is left to pick up the pieces…

This situation has been brought about by a combination of greed and incompetent governance….and a hidden ideology.

It works like this…The Jews who now control NZ….that is the Jewish elite.FLOOD NZ with immigrants from all over the world….The “flood” is accompanied by “immigration promos ” also carried out by the Jews who CONTROL NZ TV.

“Rich multicultural society”… actually the Jewish elite DOES get richer..but NZers as a whole gets poorer….

These under the bridge families are right at the bottom of the heap.

Third world immigrants POUR into NZ..they need housing…and they get housing provided by the Jewish controlled NZ government….NZers like those who shelter unders bridges ARE TOTALLY IGNORED BY THE JEWISH CONTROLLED NZ GOVERNMENT…UNLESS the Jews who run NZ tv choose to run an item on it.Usually they are too busy running stories like the one yesterday about a mooslum preacher….REMEMBER..IT IS THE JEWS IN THE NZ GOVT AND MEDIA who caused this situation to arise….IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Most of the presenters…almost all of them infact…on nz TV  are JEWS,or more accurately CRYPTO JEWS….since they hide the fact they are Jews.ALL….YES ALL…political reporters are JEWS.

NZ has its own version of British TVs Jewish Gary Linekar…The former sports star turned TV presenter….Joshua Kronfeld..former rugby All Black now appears on TV sports programmes.Are they qualified to do the job?…as far as their race is concerned,they are.Presenters who are not Jewish will be at a massive disadvantage…

Give it another ten to twenty years and quasi shanty towns of poor people will start showing up on the edge of bigger cities in NZ….BUT ONE THING IS FOR SURE THE RICH JEWISH ELITE WILL BE A WHOLE LOT RICHER.

JUST LOOK AT THE CLINTON SCUM IN THE USA (they are Jews,just like Trump…have absolutely no doubt about that)…They arrived at the White House as upper middle class Americans,maybe worth a million or two…THEY LEAVE WITH 150,000,000!.

Key,the Jewish PM will be seeking to do something similar to the Clintons…ONLY THE NZ MEDIA WONT REPORT IT…because the NZ media is a corrupted institution…political corruption is left well alone.

Expect NZers to change their attitude to less fortunate people….to one of contempt…like you have in America…which is 1000% controlled by Jews….

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