Robbie Williams “endorsing deadly racism”….

Those were the words of a Pink Floyd member about the fat drug taking pop star Robbie Williams.

Williams…is currently larding around in NZ.

Williams held a concert in the racist state of Israel…like the GROSS midget Elton John.

Williams is actually a crypto Jew…hence the concert in Israel…not surprisingly Williams wife is a Jew.An American by the name of Field….

While lard Arse Williams would be good for a batch of SOAP his hideously tattooed skin would spoil the prospects for a range of lampshades.

According to publicity he has amassed a fortune from pop songs….unlike the thief and fraudster and fellow crypto Jew Bob Geldof …legitimately.

Jews TOTALLY CONTROL the music industry…hence the widespread satanic imagery in pop videos….

Are Jews uniquely talented pop stars?…No way….Jews use their hidden networks to promote other Jews…like the greasy oik Williams.

…..There is only one proper destination for racist Jews like Williams…PALMOLIVE.

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