Stealing Black Americans money

Blacks in America usually have two ways of escaping poverty in the USA…and making large amounts of money.

Via athletics…boxing etc…or the music industry…both of which are controlled by Jews with one or two exceptions.

Often black singers earn millions of dollars…but then at the end of their career are back to being broke.

Usually the money they once had ends up in the pockets of the Jews.

Blacks are beginning to realise how they are parted from their money…

Take the example of Michael Jackson…worth millions…lost millions.He must have figured it out because he wrote a song which included veiled criticism of these fiends.From that day forward he was a marked man…today no high profile figure who criticises Jews will survive.The most recent example of this is the former British heavyweight champion…a gypsy by all accounts…he has been stripped of his title….and now the fiends will be after any money he has accumulated from his boxing career….

Black songwriters have had their songs stolen by Jews in the music industry…for example Led Zeplin and the Rolling Stones….there are other examples.

So innocent persecuted Jews…well that’s how the Jewish controlled media likes to portray Jews….are in fact nothing of the sort…after all they run the top end mafia in both Russia and America….

One of the problems facing these rags to riches Blacks is….they often come from the mean streets of the USA…BUT they cannot deal with an equally vicious environment of sophisticated financial scams…Jews are the world champions of this environment…

Unlike Europeans who have been fucked over by the Jews…Blacks are more likely to say something about it…Cynthia McKinney the Black politician spoke up…but they got her she lost her job as a congresswoman.(Note:Obama…like Whoopie Goldberg and Sammy Davis Jr is a black Jew with the required jewish ancestry…a black Jew in other the Jews put him into the Whitehouse).

Then of course there are the now proven cases of Jews widespread involvement in the slave trade…the Jewish controlled media tells everyone that this was white racism.Like big business today…the slave trade would have been run at the top by Jews and whites would have done the administration side of things….

“Whites” were certainly responsible for putting an end to this business…that is European Christians (non Catholic Christians…many Catholics in important positions at this time were actually “Nueva christians”).

It is time Blacks recognised that top end racism in America is JEWISH…in fact they could do worse than looking at what happens to blacks in the Jews headquarters for international crime…Israel.

Sorry but the Jewish oligarchs will be looking to create a race war in the USA…they’ll be watching from the sidelines and will move in to pick up the pieces at the end of it.A race war would take the attention off their vast criminal network which has very nearly bankrupted the U.S…..

Then of course there was…the opium war in China….no prizes for guessing who made money out of this event..their descendants are now living in luxury…highly respected.

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