Trump appoints Jewish woman as education secretary…here we go.

Trump has just appointed Betsy De vos (or some weird name like that) as education secretary.

She has two important qualifications…she is a billionaire and therefore will be in touch with the average American….NOT.

She is a Jewess and therefore will put America’s interests before Israel…Ya gotta be fuckin’ joking.

This is a very good example of what happens when Jews obtain sufficient power within a government…they resort to their tribal behaviour and start appointing members of the tribe to all important positions,whether they are really qualified or not.Nepotism which can destroy democracy from within.

Americans will find out that Trump will be no different than Obama or Bush….just the spin will be different.

Those BILLIONS of dollars stolen from American taxpayers will continue to flow into Israel’s coffers…TRUMP THE CRYPTO JEW WILL SEE TO THAT.

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