Uniformity of sentencing…the hallmark of a democracy…Britain 1984.

In totalitarian countries…sentencing for crimes committed can vary to a huge degree…it depends on who you know and if a crime is committed against a member of the party the punishment will be way over the top…justice is not blind in other words.

In this recent case where an individual murdered an MP…..there really was no holding back from the government…they were out for blood..no matter what…it was a sort of a watered down show trial.While the accused said nothing during the trial he was refused permission to say anything at the end of the trial…which raises suspicion the court had something to hide…

Put it like this…recently in Britain there have been a number of gruesome murders involving more than one person…these murderers got lesser sentences than the murderer of the MP who has been told he will die in prison.

Obviously something is going on here and political influence is being peddled in the British justice system…another feature of totalitarian countries.

Britain’s controlled media was out in force….as far as the Daily Mail goes..perhaps half what was written May have been factual…the rest…entirely speculation.

Of course this offender should have been sentenced to prison for life…the standard sentence for such a heinous crime….nothing more,nothing less….

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