Americans need to watch Trump…

Around a year should do it….after a year has elapsed they should be able to determine if Trump is going to betray them…So far things are not looking good.

Americans need a backup plan…that is a plan to implement Thomas Jefferson’s plan….patriots,armed to the teeth,descend on The Swamp and Swamp 2 ( Wall Street) and give the elite lead for breakfast….That includes a raid on Trumps offensive golden penthouse…but most of all the Jewish bankers Federal Reserve and the Jewish swindlers of Wall Street.Goldman Sachs??..naturally they would be sent straight to jail pending their well deserved execution….

Since Trump is in favour of torture…he couldn’t object to getting a taste of his own medicine….

Put it this way…as long as Americans keeping putting Jews into the Whitehouse..nothing will change..trouble is,in America,like other Western countries…voters can either vote for a Jew (Trump) or they can vote for a Jew (Clinton).

Americans need a cut off date…that is,IF Trump has not carried out election promises by X date….then the time for talk is over.

Take a look at Britain…The referendum which was not so much about leaving the EU but rather about stopping the invasion of Britain by the third world…resulted in Theresa May being made PM…she said she intended to “control immigration”…THE NUMBER OF INVADERS INTO BRITAIN HAS RISEN SINCE SHE TOOK OFFICE….

People in Britain need to realise that May has no intention of controlling immigration.The exact same situation is found in New Zealand..that is crypto Jewish leaders promising to control immigration but doing precisely the opposite…..

(There is some debate on the internet as to whether May is actually a woman??…keep in mind that British politics are not so much a swamp,but rather a quagmire…so the chances of May actually possessing wedding tackle are not as remote as you may think)


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