Nick Clegg says legalise drugs.

Clegg is a high profile member of parliament….and he takes drugs…lots of them.There are photos of him clearly under the influence of some type of drug…in parliament…

Therefore it is logical that he is very keen on legalizing the use of cannabis.He will be using it all the time…not only that, he is known to regularly use cocaine.

When half of China was addicted to opium…the Chinese tried various strategies to control the of which was to legalise its use.NONE of these strategies worked…none of them.

When the Chinese decided to wipe out drug users and dealers…this brought th re problem to a complete halt.

It looks like the Phillipines president has realised this is the ONLY available cure to the problem…and it is already working….

Clegg,who is a crypto Jew…is like the degenerate Chinese officials in China…before the drug problem was eradicated.Extremely rich and isolated from the growing mobs of poor people…a degenerate fop totally removed from the trials and tribulations of ordinary people….and corrupt,let’s not forget that.

Obviously Clegg would be one of the very first people mounting the gallows post revolution….

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