“Pedlars of fake news stories threaten democracy”

This is an article in the Guardian today…written by a crypto with the compulsory pair of metrosexual cool glasses….

Of course it is a fucking cheek coming from the Guardian….since the biggest fake news story of all time…9/11 is routinely featured by the Guardian.

How about the WMD stories in the Guardian which enabled an illegal war to be started…only (conveniently) discovered to be fake AFTER the war got started.How about the fake suicide of Dr David Kelly…reported as true by the Guardian.How about the deliberate downplaying of Savilles association with the Windsor billionaires…by the Guardian.How about the fake reporting about the NZ judge accused of being a racist….what a preposterously obvious smear job that was.

How about the stupendous ridiculous stories about Trump actually being a genuine leader representing the interests of the average American…who lives in a penthouse dripping with more gold than Louis x1v could have dreamt about….What about the LACK of news by the Guardian concerning the 21st Century Borgias..The Clintons…

Put it this way…Mainstream newspapers like the Guardian are taking huge hits financially because so many people realise a lot of what they print is bullshit…today there is an alternative…the internet….it’s about time the Guardian started being more factual rather than ideological…fat fucking chance….

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