A possible flaw in the murder case in UK.

Britain’s Pravda…the Daily Mail quickly reported that the killer of the MP Cox was accessing far right websites..neo nazi is their description of choice.

How would the authorities know about this in such a short space of time UNLESS they were already aware of his activities??!.

More importantly MOST of these sites are being run by the internal secret police as a means of “capturing” information about WHO is interested in such sites.Therefore it is HIGHLY LIKELY the British secret police were already aware of this “gardening loner suffering from a smorgasbord of psychological conditions…”…..which means the secret police would have already entered his house to check on him.It is just possible he was provided with the gun by the secret police.BEFORE dismissing that idea…The FBI have been caught doing exactly that when setting up patsies for arrest.There was a case in the U.S. when a patsie worked out he was being set up (to be killed) and handed himself into the police before they got the chance.

Note:Both the FBI and MI5 are headed up by crypto Jews…a coincidence?…nah,no way is this a coincidence.

Finally it is worth noting the general demeanor of the close relatives immediately after the attack….in no way did they resemble relatives who had just experienced such a grievous loss.Incidently there is a very good chance that Cox and husband are/were crypto Jews.

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